Writer of psychological suspense, travel, romance, erotica, and paranormal stories. @JSharlandDay https://www.jsharlandday.com/

What if I invest my heart in this artist only to find that he is here just to create a masterpiece — conquer another challenge — intending to move on to create another elsewhere?

Sillouette of a woman standing in a front of a large abstract painting
Photo by ERNEST TARASOV on Unsplash

My canvas, representing the space for love I have in my heart, is vast and empty. It stands barren against the gigantic easel waiting, hoping to be touched by an artist who will give it life, who will give it purpose, who will give it meaning.

Surely there is someone…

A poem about our travels from Oregon to Texas to the Mayan Riviera

Photo of desert mountains and plains
Photo by J. Sharland Day

The Hills & Plains, Oh my!

To travel ‘cross

This desert plain,

While heat is bearing down

Naught for miles

But shadow’s stain,

No water to be found.

’Til we see a glistening sea

Just barely up ahead

Let’s hurry, I beseeched

For thirst doeth abound,

But no matter the…

A poem about the eve of the Day of the Dead

Photo by erin mckenna on Unsplash

As iced-rain pelted against darkened glassed pane,

scarcely preparing minds-eye for morning’s sight,

as creaks, snaps, cracklings rent the consciousness

to envision the fractured members of stately timbers;

the morning’s find only half predicted.

The other half of that conscious cerebrum,




is astounded, upon November’s first morning…

J. Sharland Day

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